Dr Patrick Yu-Wai-Man joins the PWIS judging panel and will deliver the CET lecture - 29 June 2019,

Dr Yu-Wai-Man is an academic neuro-ophthalmologist with a major research interest in mitochondrial genetics and inherited eye diseases. His research programme is currently focused on dissecting the disease mechanisms leading to progressive retinal ganglion cell loss in mitochondrial optic neuropathies by using diseased patient tissues and animal models, in addition to therapeutic drug screening and clinical trials.

Through his affiliations in Cambridge, Newcastle and London, Dr Yu-Wai-Man has built a national referral network for the investigation and management of patients with mitochondrial eye diseases. He is actively collaborating with an international network of academic and industrial partners in an effort to fast track the development of effective therapies for this group patients, including novel gene therapy approaches. Dr Yu-Wai-Man is a Council member of the European Neuro-Ophthalmological Society (EUNOS) and he sits on a number of national and international committees (NANOS, JNO, ARVO, EVER).