PWIS Scholar Ben Schwabe to study Natural Sciences at University of Cambridge - congratulations!

The Peter Watson International Scholarship was a brilliant experience, I’m very glad to have been a part of this!

I entered the PWIS as I was really enthusiastic about my Extended Project and loved the idea of telling people about and visiting the National Institutes of Health in Washington DC sounded amazing. I love learning about scientific research, and to have the opportunity to visit the hub of most biomedical research in the US was incredible!

The experience of visiting NIH with the PWIS was a real opportunity to learn about how scientific research works, as well as some specific really cool research going on at NIH. It was also a great opportunity to visit the landmarks of Washington DC, such as the Capitol!

I think participating in the PWIS enthused me further about scientific research, and I would love to pursue a career in this in the future. I’m really interested in pursuing science with a focus on application to some of the big problems we are facing globally, such as climate change, sustainable energy and pollution. It was amazing to hear a lot of this kind of mentality from researchers at NIH trying to solve some big problems in health research!

The PWIS would be a great thing to put in a personal statement and think the PWIS really helped me when applying for research experience in my planned gap year between school and university. I was really fortunate to find a wide range of research experience, from research on Threobroma cacao at the University of Reading, structural biology at the University of Leicester to fluorine chemistry at FU Berlin and tamarin behaviour at Durrell Zoo, Jersey.

I have now started studying Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge. The PWIS has been really informative about potential future careers, increased my confidence in myself and will hopefully really help when applying for further competitive research placements in the future!